SEPTEMBER 23-24, 2017







PYGHACK is the next step for Pygmalion TECH. An inaugural 24-hour hackathon, offered as a component of the broader event, it is the result of feedback, growth, community engagement, and strong partnerships. 

With a brilliant advisory board representing leadership from Research Park, Wolfram, Volition, and Pixo, we've created an event to fill a void in our current tech sector: inviting both campus and community to come together to create something powerful that will ultimately benefit the greater good in this city.  With generous sponsorships from companies and organizations both national and local, and with an eye on improving Champaign-Urbana one small step at a time, PygHack was born.

We are blueprinting this year. Over the course of thirteen years, we've experimented and hypothesized — year in and year out — at Pygmalion. We add things, we take away things. We construct, we deconstruct. We seek feedback, both empirical and cultural. We are constantly evolving. 

The hope is that by participating, you will form new connections within the community, coming together with your peers and those you may have never crossed paths with otherwise. We also hope you will help us grow, being part of a group that will further improve upon what will no doubt be an exciting addition to what is now the most comprehensive and culturally engaging event in downstate Illinois. 

The goal is simple, yet complex, like all of the best parts of life: engage coders, designers, engineers, and dreamers. Challenge them to benefit their community or an organization in Champaign-Urbana. Perhaps something we might not even know we need. 

We are excited to see what happens.